Basic Yo-Yo Tricks

Basics of Yo-Yoing

If you are so new that you need to learn about the correct way to put a yo-yo on your hand (there is a correct way) then check out the yo-yo basics section.

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Easy Yo-Yo Tricks

If you already know how to hold and throw a yo-yo, and how to adjust the string for a more comfortable throwing experience, but you haven’t learned some of the foundational tricks of the hobby yet, like walk the dog, rock the baby, etc, then consider working through the Easy Yo-Yo Tricks section below.

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Moderate Yo-Yo Tricks

The training wheels come off and the more advanced techniques come out in the moderate section. Tricks here build on the concepts you’ll have already learned from the basics and easy sections.

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Hard Yo-Yo Tricks

The hard section is comprised of tricks that will push you to the brink of your abilities and hopefully stretch your element toolkit to the point where you can begin crafting some truly polished tricks of your own.

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