Learn how to yo-yo

I have been recording tutorials and guides on how to yo-yo since about 2007 and am doing my best to organize them and improve them here. Visit the learn section to see tutorial videos on everything from the basics of yo-yoing and fundamental yo-yo tricks to complex trick combinations made up by myself and other yo-yoers.

Unboxing's and Reviews

Every so often I get my hands on a new yo-yo (or accessory) and record the process of opening the box, testing out the yo-yo, giving my first thoughts, and trying to land some hard tricks on it. Occasionally I’m sent these to review by the manufacturer, mainly I buy them myself, thanks largely to your support.

Yo-Yo Glossary

I’ve been wanting to make my own yo-yo glossary for random terms and subjects I need a place for or think are important and should be mentioned. This is a work in progress. So if you happen to see this you’ll find it mostly empty. In the future the topics will link to pages further exploring those terms.

Companies names would link to pages giving an overview of the company and then would link to any reviews I’ve done or pictures of their products I have, that sort of thing.

This section of the site is focused on general yo-yo information not necessarily related to tutorials or reviews. Things like where to find other yo-yoers and interesting information that doesn’t fit better elsewhere.

  • Yo-Yo Communities: This page links to various yo-yo communities around the web. Forums, social network groups, chatrooms, etc.
  • Yo-Yo Stores: Various yo-yo stores, mainly online ones, from around the world.
  • Yo-Yoers: A list of yo-yoers with public accounts/freestyles/careers to follow.
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