Welcome to the Yo-Yo section of MikeMonty.com. Below you can access tutorials, product reviews, vlogs, let’s play yo-yo, and more.

Learn how to yo-yo

I have been recording tutorials and guides on how to yo-yo since about 2007 and am doing my best to organize them and improve them here. Visit the learn section to see tutorial videos on everything from the basics of yo-yoing and fundamental yo-yo tricks to complex trick combinations made up by myself and other prominent yo-yoers.

Yo-Yo Unboxing's and Reviews

Every so often I get my hands on a new yo-yo and like to record the process of opening the box, trying out the yo-yo, giving my first thoughts, and trying to land some hard tricks on it. Occasionally I’m sent these to review, mainly I buy them myself, thanks to your support through views on YouTube and yo-yo/shirt purchases. 🙂 I occasionally give away the yo-yo’s I’ve reviewed to MikeCrew. You can browse the unboxings and reviews I’ve made so far here.

Yo-Yo Tricks

I record pretty much every time I practice. When I land something I’m excited about I like to trim my practice sessions down to just the highlights or a few individual trick combos. This is a collection of those.