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How to do Stop and Go with a yo-yo

  1. Throw a Bottom Mount.
  2. Similar to how you did with the Mach 5, bring your freehand forward away from your body, down, back towards your body, and up next to your throwhand. This will have wrapped the string around the yo-yo.
  3. Cup your hands together above the yo-yo and tug up with both hands to get the yo-yo to wind itself up to your hands where you will catch it.
  4. Position your freehand above the yo-yo and your throwhand beneath the yo-yo.
  5. Pull your hands apart sharply, freehand going up, throwhand going down. This will cause the yo-yo to start sleeping again, though it will be spinning in the opposite direction as before.
  6. Bring your throwhand forward, away from your body, past the strings hanging down from your freehand. This will leave you with a bottom mount. Dismount and catch.

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