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Walk the Dog Yo-Yo Trick

About the Trick

Walk the Dog is a very good trick to teach you how to control a sleeping yo-yo. It’s also one of the tricks you will be requested most commonly to perform, so you should take your time to learn it.

  1. Throw a Sleeper.
  2. Lightly set the sleeping yo-yo on the ground, allowing the spinning of the yo-yo to drag it forward at least a foot.
  3. Lift the yo-yo off of the ground and tug it lightly to make it return to your hand.


  • It might take some time to get the yo-yo to “walk” along the ground without bouncing and returning. Practice keeping your hand as level as possible to keep this from happening.
  • The lighter you set the yo-yo on the floor while it’s spinning the more likely it is to “walk” along the ground. Try Walking the Dog on carpet until you get a hang of it, then move up to more difficult hard surfaces (keep in mind that the spinning yo-yo can scratch wood floors, so make sure you have permission to “Walk the Dog” on your parents floor!)

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