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How to do Forward Pass with a Yo-Yo

About the Trick

The forward pass is a good and essential trick to learn to help you learn how to control the angle of the yo-yo as well as timing to catch it as it returns. The concept of this trick will help you with more advanced tricks later on, such as Around the World, The Breakaway Trick, The Sideways World Tour, Man on the Trapeze, and countless others.

  1. Holding the yo-yo as described in the section ‘How to Hold a Yo-Yo’, bring your Throwhand down by your side, knuckles facing forward.
  2. Bring your arm slightly behind you, and swing it forward.
  3. As your arm starts to swing forward, open your hand, allowing the yo-yo to roll out of it, and down the string.
  4. Continue swinging your arm forward until the yo-yo reaches the end of the string in front of you, turn your hand over.
  5. As the yo-yo comes back, you may need to drop your hand slightly to catch it depending on the height of the yo-yo when it started to return.
  6. Allow the yo-yo to return to your hand, string rolled all the way back into the yo-yo.


  • Try to get the yo-yo to reach the end of the string at about chest height to make returning and catching it easier.
  • Releasing the yo-yo from your hand right after your hand pasts your waist is important; releasing too early or too late can cause the yo-yo to roll out too low or too high, making it difficult to catch it on the return and keep it under your control.

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