2022-05-13: Yo-Yo Communities

Yo-Yoing is a great hobby to share with others, as such there are countless options for finding other yo-yoers around the world. A few years back the main way to find other yo-yoers was to wait for a yo-yo contest to come around, organize your own club, or to visit an online yo-yo forum. There were several forums prior to the social networks reaching their height, at this time there are only a few forums still active.

Facebook and Discord feel like the main community hubs these days, with a lot of activity also occurring on individuals accounts on short form content platforms like TikTok, instagram, etc. I will link to a few of the communities I know of, or have participated in myself. I will also update this page periodically as sites/groups come and go.


The only forum I have used that seems to still be active is YoYoExpert’s. There once was to be yoyoing.com/news, theyo.com/forum, yoyonation.com, extremespin, and the plenitude of manufacturers who’ve made their own forums to name a few. I will search around as I have time and add to this list as I find more forums that are still active.  A cursory search at the time of writing this showed a new forum on the scene and an old one that was inactive. For now this is the link to YoYoExpert’s forum: https://forums.yoyoexpert.com.

Facebook Groups

There are many yo-yo groups on Facebook. From geographic locations (clubs and contest) to businesses wanting to stay in contact with their customer base, to yo-yo buy/sell/trading groups. There’s a lot of options and you can find them by searching for yo-yo. Here are the groups I am a member of:


Discord is a great option if you have some time and want to have a conversation about yo-yo’s. Most companies and communities seem to have a discord available these days as it’s a great way to stay in contact with those groups. Here are a few that I am in:

  • YoTricks – The official discord of YoTrick.com, a YouTube channel and online store/app for learning how to yo-yo and supplying your various yo-yo/accessory needs.
  • YoYoExpert – The official discord of YoYoExpert.com, the online store and forum.
  • r/Throwers – This discord is the official discord of the Reddit community r/Throwers, which is linked below.

Instagram Hashtags


The only subreddit I am a member of that has to do with yo-yo’s is r/Throwers, which has been around for ages and is the largest and (as far as I know) most active yo-yo community on Reddit. I am aware of other sub communities for string making and the various yo-yo sub-genre’s but they don’t pop up on my radar much these days.


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