2016-08-31: How to Wind Up and Make an Unresponsive Yo-Yo Come Back

This video focuses on a few techniques for beginners with an Unresponsive who are needing to get it back to their hand so they can throw it again. First it will show you how to wind up a ball bearing yoyo, next you see how to do a basic frontstyle bind, then it shows you a basic sidestyle bind, and finally we discuss the concept of a safety throw.

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Why you should learn unresponsive
0:53 – Video Curriculum
1:17 – How to wind an unresponsive yo-yo
2:18 – How to do a frontstyle bind
3:55 – Sidestyle Yo-Yoing
4:13 – How to do a sidestyle bind
4:53 – Danger of snags
5:27 – Safety throws
5:45 – Video Summary
5:50 – Outro

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