2023-08-17: elegoo uno

Today I began going through the Elegoo UNO starter pack. It has something like 25 projects/lessons to try with the kit. I only bought it because I want to make a robot that collects pinecones for me. I’m not sure why.

Anyway I got the package open and installed the programming software on my laptop. The zero lesson was how to connect it. The first lesson was to make one of the LEDs on the board blink. The second lesson was using three different resistors to change the brightness of an LED. And the third lesson was using an rgb LED with some programming to make a light that shifts through the colors. Willow said it looked like a party light and requested I make one for her room.

I’m not sure what the next lessons will be, there are a ton of interesting components like a temperature/humidity sensor, stepper motors, ultrasonic sensors, and tons more.

Who knows if it will be able to be used for my robotics project, but based on some of my research I’m confident it could do the job eventually.

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