2023-07-10: Pinecone Bird Feeders

When I was little I had a book (I think it was by Dr. Seuss or someone who aspired to have his style) that was full of various activities like how to make a decorative paper pole, how to make a fragrant orange, how to race a piece of paper across a desk with your friends/family, and one that stood out, how to use a pinecone to make a bird feeder.

Today I finally got around to trying that last one. I’ve technically done it before as a kid but this was the first time I tried it with my kids. Made sure to bring out the camera phone and record some of it. I have been struggling to document time passing but want to make myself do it more often and these little nostalgic crafts feel like a good way to go about that.

So my phone is currently sitting in a tripod outside aimed at Weston’s pinecone. It had been pointed at Willow’s for twenty minutes prior. I doubt we caught anything eating from hers. It just seems too soon. Maybe we’ll catch something eating from Weston’s? I have a pinecone of my own out on a tree in front of the house as well. I doubt I’ll go and try to record that one. The phone’s battery was already at 30% when I started to record Weston’s.

I used to record our daily activities quite thoroughly. Back when I felt obligated to produce a daily vlog for some kind of legacy reason. Looking back on most of them now doesn’t bring about great feelings, but I understand I can trim them and fix that. I will over time. For now, I’ll continue trying to come up with things to do to record with the kids that both help develop fun memories of activities we’ve done over the years as well as to perhaps inspire friends and family to try random things we’ve done as well.

Both of the kids are begging me to make content with them in it all the time. Because of the content they see on YouTube they also want to start YouTubes, TikTok’s, Instagrams, Etc. They know the names to all the platforms even though they’ve only ever actually seen YouTube. Instead of continuing to hide from them wanting to make content I figure I will help come up with things to do that I would love to look back on one day (I assume) and to document it as best I can without it coming across as canned. Then I can at least direct the ambition and help foster it in a way I never had when it comes to dealing with content creation for an audience.

They also want to make gaming content. Both of them want me to get a desktop so they can record Minecraft, Roblox, and many other random steam games YouTubers are promoting. They do play some games on their tablets but they want to make content and be on the other side of the screen. I get that.

Anyways, I’m going to go check and make sure a cat hasn’t knocked over my phone, hope you all had a good weekend, catch you next time!

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