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Trick Videos


I started yo-yoing in 2003. By 2004 I had found access to a webcam and a digital camera and began documenting my progress as a yo-yoer. At the time I wasn’t thinking of it that way. I was just sharing my excitement over a trick I finally landed after so much effort! I let these videos go hidden away in the depths of my YouTube channel which I feel bad about, so I’ve decided to organize and highlight them here in hopes that they will be more accessible to you, and perhaps inspire you to try something new, or simply entertain you. At the very least, they are a window into my past, and I wanted to work on how it get’s displayed.

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Let's Play Yo-Yo


Let’s Play Yo-Yo was started in 2013 on YouTube. The purpose of the show was to challenge me to learn difficult tricks and the extra step of editing a video of the process helped push me to master tricks that I never before believed I could land.

Yo-Yo Freestyles


I started competing at yo-yo contests in 2004, my first being the 2004 U.S. National Contest in Chico, California. There I participated in the sports ladder, which is a list of increasingly difficult tricks. The next year I began making and performing freestyles in the championship division at various contests around the western U.S., again at the national contest, as well as a few regional contests like Pacific North West, Inland Empire, Tri-Cities, and more. It’s been a few years since I last competed, I’d love to get back into it soon!


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