2021-04-12: Animation practice, Mori yo-yo production run arrives, and GLHF yo-yo restocked

This vlog covers Friday through Sunday. It begins with a discussion of the random animations and drawings I’ve been working on, moves on to the Mori arrival, and ends with some GLHFs being restocked.


0:00 Friday the 9th
0:27 art and animation thoughts
1:57 dog wagging tail animation
2:50 Mori box art
3:07 Mori project
3:48 Horizontal Trick practice
5:03 Mori’s will be here today
7:06 They’re here!
7:48 unboxing the production run
8:22 Mori yo-yo engraving
8:42 First test throw
9:17 “purple”
10:04 unboxing resumes
11:11 do a barrel roll
12:09 the pen is blue
13:06 all the colors
13:50 Grading the blackberry Mori’s
13:58 Saturday the 10th
15:25 Sunday, labels ordered
16:02 Mori yo-yo drop date
16:25 Orders headed out
16:45 GLHF yo-yo out of stock
17:43 GLHF boxing time lapse
18:28 GLHF yo-yo back in stock
18:55 Vlog Outro

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