Introducing the Mori – the second yo-yo in the advanced series from MikeMonty. Engineered for performance and precision, the Mori’s unique design ensures stability and exceptionally long-lasting sleepers, perfect for those advanced tricks you’ve been trying to nail.

In designing the Mori, we focused on minimizing string contact with the hubs, a critical detail that supports the execution of complex tricks. But the Mori is more than just functional – it’s a statement of style. We’ve finished it with a bead-blasted surface and offer it in a variety of striking anodized colors. With the Mori, you’re not just getting a yo-yo, you’re getting a true reflection of your personality.

One of the best things about the Mori? Its surface is ideal for grinds of all kinds, lending an edge to your performances.

Please note: The Mori is an unresponsive, advanced yo-yo. This means it WON’T return to your hand by a simple tug on the string like a traditional yo-yo. Instead, it requires a trick called a ‘bind’ to wind it back up and return to your hand after you throw it. If you’re new to yo-yoing or need a quick refresher, we’ve got you covered. Check out our detailed tutorial that will guide you on how to wind up an unresponsive yo-yo and bind it to make it return to your hand:


  • Width: 46.8mm
  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Gap: 4.4mm
  • Weight: 64.5g
  • Bearing Size: C
  • Axle: M4 10mm

Take your yo-yoing to the next level with the Mori from MikeMonty. Let your creativity soar with a yo-yo designed for those who dare to defy the ordinary.

Order now and experience the difference.


Additional information

Weight 3.1 oz

Blackberry, Emerald, Sienna, Burgundy, Indigo, Marigold