The Mori is the second advanced yo-yo from MikeMonty. The shape lends itself to stability and long lasting sleepers. It additionally helps with reducing string contact with the hubs, which can be helpful when you are working on more intricate tricks. The surface of the yo-yo is a bead blasted finish with various color anodizing. The surface is wonderful for grinds of all sorts.

Please note: The Mori is an unresponsive yo-yo, meaning it requires a trick called a bind to make it wind back up and return to your hand after throwing it. It DOES NOT come back to your hand from tugging on the string like a traditional yo-yo does. If you are new to yo-yoing this tutorial will show you how to wind up an unresponsive yo-yo as well as bind it to make it come back to your hand.


  • Width 46.8mm
  • Diameter 56mm
  • Gap 4.4mm
  • Weight 64.5g
  • Bearing Size C
  • Axle M4 10mm

Additional information

Weight 3.1 oz

Emerald, Sienna, Burgundy, Indigo, Blackberry, Marigold