Memento Yo-Yo (B GRADE) 1st Run


These are b-grade Mementos, meaning they have a slight vibe and/or finish flaws like small machine marks or anodizing flaws. They still play great and are excellent yo-yo’s but they’re not quite good enough to sell as a-grades.

The Memento is the first aluminum yo-yo I’ve had made since the BassBoost and Beast we made around 2010. This yo-yo’s design was loosely based around the MarkMont Classic made by One Drop and the Jackknife made by Basecamp. I’m incredibly pleased with how it has turned out! It is a stable, solid feeling yo-yo with an organic shape to it, making it very comfortable to hold and catch. It’s beadblasted finish gives it a very soft feel in your hands and makes performing grinds a dream. There inner rim is shaped so that it will handle thumb grinds.

The Memento comes with a Skyline III string from Zipline Strings, a fellow Idaho based yo-yo company.

Diameter – 56mm
Width – 46mm
Weight – 65.8g
Material – 6061 Aluminum
Axle length – 12mm T4
Gap – 4.6mm

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Weight 3.1 oz

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