GLHF! Beginner to Advanced Yo-Yo


The GLHF is a beginner friendly yo-yo that plays responsive right out of the box, but comes with an extra, unresponsive bearing, axle, and bearing removal tool which allow you to quickly convert it into a high performance yo-yo capable of handling even the most advanced yo-yo tricks.

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The GLHF comes responsive out of the box with a half-spec c-sized bearing and short axle, allowing beginners and advanced yo-yoers with a taste for responsive play to enjoy this fun and well performing design.

The box also includes a generic yo-yo string of random color, a standard unresponsive c-sized bearing with a wider axle, and a bearing removal keychain to assist with converting the GLHF to its unresponsive form. The fingerspin cups on the sides add a fun and visually impressive element to your tricks, allowing you to manipulate the yo-yo’s orientation mid-trick or to land those awe inspiring tornado binds.

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Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Sky Blue