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2008-06-25: IDYYC08 Demo

This is me performing at the Idaho Yo-yo Championships 2008 that was held on Saturday June 14, 2008. I was the organizer of the contest

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2007-09-06: Frame/Second

The meager beginning’s of my experiment and re-entering of the yo-yo community through posting of videos.. I credit the filming style to Ignitus. This was

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Well, I just started to work on 3A yo-yoing, which is yo-yoing with two yoyos. Also, I’m sorry, but if you were looking forward to

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If you have a Nostr and wish to follow me there, my public key is: npub1n47jznzclhr8kzyyv6dtl4cqeltuzuajngx93m3flw2sdw9kfmaqjh8w74

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