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This video will teach you my original trick, MizzyDotion. The trick features slack, tech, and timing, and will be a great way to add some interesting elements to your repertoire.

Hey everybody this is MikeMonty welcome to another yo-yo trick tutorial this time it’s for an original trick of my own called MizzyDotion, it looks like this:

How to do the trick

Step 1

To start the trick throw a trapeze and then add your thumb to open the loop.

Step 2

Point your throwhand index finger at your body, press it into the trapeze and dismount the yo-yo up and over your freehand.

Step 3

Mount the yo-yo on to the single string and then swing it up and over both of your hands.

Step 4

Push your freehand forward, reject the string, and mount the yo-yo up onto the string between your pinkie and index finger.

Step 5

Cross your throwhand over your freehand.

Step 6

Push your freehand forward rejecting the string.

Step 7

Pop the yo-yo over your throwhand and land it on the bottom string.

Step 8

Mount the yoyo over your freehand index finger on to the back string.

Step 9

Drop and swing the loop behind the yo-yo up and on to the hub.

Step 10

Pass the yo-yo over your throwhand and then mount it over your index finger.

Step 11

Swing the yo-yo over your throwhand, let go of the loop and try to recatch it.

Step 12

Dismount the yo-yo let go of the loop and let it follow the yo-yo over your hands, yo-yo string passing over your index finger.

Step 13

Mount the loop over the front hub.

Step 14

Lift the yo-yo over your freehand.

Step 15

Let go with your throwhand.

Step 16

Dismount bind and catch.

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