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About the Trick

The Throw Down is the oldest trick there is when it comes to yo-yoing. It is in essence everything that yo-yoing originally was, simply making the yo-yo travel up and down the string, unwinding and rewinding itself on the axle of the yo-yo. This is the first trick every yo-yoer must learn and master to become a master yo-yoer. Knowing the proper technique for holding a yo-yo is key here, so if you skipped that over earlier or can’t remember it clearly, please take a moment to go back and review the section “The Proper Way to Hold a Yo-yo.” Now that you have reviewed that and put the yo-yo on your Throwhand you can learn how to do your first trick, “The Throw Down.”

How to do the Trick

    1. Form a muscle with your Throwhand arm, bringing the yo-yo in your hand level with your ear.
    2. Swing your hand forward and out from your body, opening your hand and allowing the yo-yo to roll out of your open palm as soon as your arm is extended straight out in front of you.
    3. As soon as the yo-yo rolls out of your hand and down toward the end of the string, turn your hand over.
    4. When the yo-yo reaches the end of the string, lift your hand up slightly, giving the yo-yo a tug, to increase its energy so that it can rewind itself all the way up to your hand.


    • For the first few times your yo-yo might not make it all the way back up the string. If this is the case, try throwing it a little harder as well as pulling up a little harder.
    • If the yo-yo is on its way back up the string and is about to stop before it reaches your hand, move your hand down to catch the yo-yo. Moving your hand down reduces the amount of energy the yo-yo must use to climb the string back to your hand. Bringing your hand to the yo-yo at the same speed the string is being pulled in will keep in from dropping back down again before you can catch it.
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