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About the Trick

This trick is a muscle memory builder. It takes smooth movements and a good hard throw to complete it and be able to return the yo-yo. This will train you to use both of your hands together to finish a trick, a technique best developed early, so when you’re learning more difficult tricks later on like “Spirit Bomb” and “the Suicide Catch,” you will be comfortable enough moving your hands to attempt and complete them.

How to do the Trick

  1. Do a very hard “Throw Down” so that you have a very long spinning “Sleeper.”
  2. Make an “L” shape on your Throwhand by extending your index finger and your thumb, and curl your other fingers.
  3. Reach through this “L” shape with your Freehand, looping your Freehand index finger around the string and pull it through the “L” shape like a slingshot.
  4. Holding the “L” shape, lift your Throwhand up, bringing your Freehand (and the “slingshot”) down to the string hanging towards the floor.
  5. Through the loop you have created with this “slingshot,” curl your index finger on your Freehand around the hanging string.
  6. Pull the hanging string toward you, through the loop, and then out to the side, bringing your hands parallel.
  7. Now is the part that makes the Eiffel Tower. Still holding the “L” shape with your Throwhand, turn the long leg of the “L” (your index finger) in toward your body, until your index finger touches the strings, forming an Eiffel Tower shape.
  8. Lightly pinch the string between your Throwhand’s index and middle fingers to hold the shape of the Eiffel Tower.
  9. Still pinching the string between your Throwhand’s index and middle fingers, pull your Freehand’s index finger out of the top of the tower.
  10. Unpinch the string your Throwhand was holding and turn your hand over. The yo-yo will start to return almost as soon as you let go.
  11. Catch the yo-yo.


If you are having trouble completing this trick before the yo-yo stops spinning, try practicing it without the yo-yo spinning, to increase your speed. Throwing the yo-yo harder will give you a longer spin, but learning how to do this trick quickly will make up for a need to throw the yo-yo harder.

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