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About the Trick

This is the beginning of your ability to do sidestyle tricks. This trick leads up to more than half of all the tricks you’ll learn from this point on. Mastering throwing it across your body perfectly will make it easier later on to learn tricks like “Man on the Trapeze,” “Double-or-Nothing,” “Spirit Bomb,” and much more!

How to do the Trick

  1. Like with the sleeper, you are going to make a muscle with your throwhand arm, only this time you won’t be throwing the yo-yo in front of you, but across your body from side to side.
  2. Snap your throwhand out from your shoulder. As your arm straightens out, open your hand so the yo-yo can roll out of it down the string where it will sleep at the end.
  3. Instead of allowing the yo-yo to stop straight up and down like in the sleeper, continue following the motion of the yo-yo by turning your body with it.
  4. The yo-yo will travel in this fashion, making a “U” shape from one shoulder to your other shoulder.
  5. Once the yo-yo reaches the height of the shoulder opposite your Throwhand (i.e., your Freehand shoulder) tug on the yo-yo and it will return to your hand just like in the forward pass.


It is important that when you throw the yo-yo it is parallel with the floor. If you release it at an angle in the slightest bit, the string will rub against the side of the yo-yo, causing it to slow down or stop.

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