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About the Trick

This is a very flashy trick that builds off of the concepts you’ve learned in “the Forward Pass” and “Breakaway.” It is a great and well-known trick, up on the list of what your spectators will request. This trick builds up to “Sideway World Tour.”

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a forward pass.
  2. As the yo-yo reaches the end of the string, instead of turning your hand over to catch it, allow your hand to follow the yo-yo as it naturally curves up in the air. As long as you keep tension on the string, the yo-yo will travel full circle, up, back behind you, down to your feet, and then back up in front of your chest as if you had simply thrown a forward pass.
  3. Once the yo-yo is up in front of your chest, turn your hand over and tug on the string and the yo-yo will return to your hand.


If you are having trouble keeping the yo-yo sleeping when you try to throw an “Around the World,” try unrolling the yo-yo all the way and set it on the ground. Swing the yo-yo around as if you were doing an “Around the World,” taking note of what it feels like to your Throwhand while you are doing so. Practicing this motion with the non-spinning yo-yo will build the muscle memory needed to help you successfully complete this trick while the yo-yo is spinning.

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