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About the Trick

This is a pretty flashy trick that further develops your skills of controlling the movement of the yo-yo and your ability to keep it sleeping while moving it about. This trick will help you learn the control necessary for tricks such as “Rock the Baby” and “Dizzy Baby.”

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a sleeper.
  2. Bring your Throwhand out and away from your body.
  3. Continue carrying it behind your Throwhand shoulder.
  4. Drape the string over your shoulder and bring your Throwhand down toward the string, at the same time keeping your shoulder lifted up slightly to keep the string from slipping off of it.
  5. With your Throwhand, pinch the string a few inches above the yo-yo, now hanging behind your arm and shoulder.
  6. Tug at the string where you are pinching and let go. The yo-yo will start to return, flipping over your shoulder.
  7. It will naturally travel past your hand, down the string, and return as if from a “throw down.” All you have to do is catch the yo-yo as it returns up the string.


  • Be as smooth as possible while draping the yo-yo over your shoulder, otherwise the yo-yo will return before you get a chance to tug it.
  • Throw the yo-yo hard. It takes awhile to do this trick quickly enough to make it come back cleanly. The harder you throw it, the longer it will spin, and the smoother it will look when the yo-yo is flipping up over your shoulder.
  • Make sure not to watch the yo-yo flip over your shoulder until you have good control over this trick; you can easily smack yourself in the face with the yo-yo.
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