McBride Roller Coaster

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Sideways World Tour.
  2. As the yo-yo finishes the world tour allow it to continue traveling up, as if from a Breakaway, and perform a One and a Half Mount.
  3. Dismount the One and a Half Mount, the yo-yo will swing down away from your throwhand, over it and back towards your freehand.
  4. Curl the index finger of your freehand around the string it was holding for the One and a Half Mount.
  5. Allow the yo-yo to travel over your freehand and use it’s motion to land a Trapeze and his Brother.
  6. Dismount the Trapeze and his Brother, use the motion of the yo-yo to perform a Double or Nothing.
  7. Drop your throwhand index finger out of the Double or Nothing. This will leave the yo-yo in a loop hanging from your freehand index finger.
  8. Dismount this loop back to a Trapeze by swinging it towards your throwhand, up over and back beneath your freehand.
  9. Bring your hands together, put the index finger of your throwhand into the loop of the Trapeze next to the index finger of your freehand.
  10. Swing the yo-yo towards your freehand. Allow it to travel up, and around your hands one time.
  11. As the yo-yo completes the first swing and move to do a second you will part your hands (still in the loop) and as the yo-yo passes over your freehand index finger you will land the yo-yo on the front string (furthest from your body). This is a Triple or Nothing.
  12. Drop your throwhand index finger out of the Triple or Nothing, leaving a loop double wrapped around your freehand index finger like before. Unwrap the loop back down to a Trapeze, dismount and catch.

Direction Changes

In this tutorial I endeavor to teach you a trick known as Direction Changes, which is a favorite of mine seen in a LOT of my trick circle videos lately. (See Week 1 and Week 2 of my trick compilations.)

Two-Handed Star

The two-handed star is an intermediate level yo-yo picture trick. It requires you be able to throw a good, strong sleeper so that you have enough time to form the star with your hands and still be able to catch your yo-yo.

Stop and Go

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Bottom Mount.
  2. Similar to how you did with the Mach 5, bring your freehand forward away from your body, down, back towards your body, and up next to your throwhand. This will have wrapped the string around the yo-yo.
  3. Cup your hands together above the yo-yo and tug up with both hands to get the yo-yo to wind itself up to your hands where you will catch it.
  4. Position your freehand above the yo-yo and your throwhand beneath the yo-yo.
  5. Pull your hands apart sharply, freehand going up, throwhand going down. This will cause the yo-yo to start sleeping again, though it will be spinning in the opposite direction as before.
  6. Bring your throwhand forward, away from your body, past the strings hanging down from your freehand. This will leave you with a bottom mount. Dismount and catch.

Mach 5

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Split Bottom Mount.
  2. Leaving your throwhand index finger stationary, bring your freehand index finger forward, down beneath your throwhand index finger, back towards your body and just above your throwhand index finger.
  3. Pull your index fingers apart from eachother, the wrap you did in step two will cause the yo-yo to be suspended between your two index fingers.
  4. Rotate your hands around the suspended yo-yo, the hand on top going forward away from your body and down, the hand on bottom coming back towards your body and up.
  5. After you perform five of these rotations stop with your throwhand closest to your body, bring your hands together slightly, allowing the yo-yo to rest in the wrap you made for the Mach 5.
  6. Pull your throwhand index finger away from your freehand, leaving you with a bottom mount.
  7. Dismount and Catch.