The next giveaway is for a MagicYoYo K8, the giveaway start and finish will be determined shortly, check back for more info. (The unboxing video is still being edited.)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my giveaway’s page. From time to time I like to order in yo-yo’s to record unboxing videos and reviews of, and some of the time when I do that, I decide not to keep them for my own collection. Generally they’re budget or beginner focused throws and I just don’t really need more than a few good playing yo-yo’s to be happy, so I give them away.

Originally this involved a round about way to drawing names using a random number generator, but recently I found this giveaway system that you see below. Whenever I have a giveaway from now on I’ll be using this system. There are a lot of ways to enter the giveaway, most of them encourage you to share the giveaway, join my discord, or sign up for my newsletter. All of these are great ways to stay in the loop for new content as well as more giveaways in the future, so if you haven’t joined one yet, consider giving it a go!

Past Winners

  • MagicYoYo K1: Archit S. – Delhi, India – 06/19/20
  • YoYoKing Ghost: Kevin L. – Germany – 06/13/20
  • MagicYoYo T9: Gunar S. – Germany – 06/06/20