How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a breakaway.
  2. Allow the yo-yo to travel in front of your body towards your shoulder opposite your throwhand.
  3. With your freehand, point your index finger out in front of you.
  4. As the yo-yo travels up allow the string to hit your index finger. This will cause the yo-yo string to hinge around your finger.
  5. The yo-yo will wrap up and around your finger and swing towards the string, your goal is to land the yo-yo on that string.
  6. Once the yo-yo has landed on the string hold it there for three to five seconds.
  7. To dismount the trapeze sharply pull your hands apart, this will cause the yo-yo to pop back off the string, up and around your index finger, it will resemble the ending point of the breakaway.
  8. To catch the yo-yo you can either tug on the string as the yo-yo pops into the air, which is a flashy way to catch the yo-yo. Alternatively you can allow the yo-yo to swing back down in front of you, allow it to sleep at the bottom of the string, and then catch the yo-yo by tugging on the string.