Split the Atom

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Split Bottom Mount.
  2. Lift your throwhand above your freehand, swing the yo-yo into the front string, and allow it to fall beneath your freehand.
  3. Push your freehand index finger into the two front strings and lift your freehand above your throwhand.
  4. Swing the yo-yo back towards you into the string closest to the tip of your throwhand index finger and allow the yo-yo to fall beneath your throwhand index finger.
  5. Press your throwhand index finger into the two strings closest to you.
  6. Like you did with the Braintwister, pull your freehand index finger, forward, down, and around your throwhand index finger. Do three of these somersaults.
  7. To finish, pull your throwhand index finger away from the strings, this will leave you with a bottom mount. Simply dismount and catch.