Split Bottom Mount

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Sleeper.
  2. Put your freehand index finger on your side of the string.
  3. Lift your freehand up, hinging the string over your freehand index finger.
  4. Extend your throwhand index finger, swing the yo-yo towards your hand, letting the string hit your throwhand index finger.
  5. This will cause the yo-yo to travel up over your throwhand index finger, into the string hanging down from your freehand.
  6. This is the Split Bottom Mount.
  7. To dismount lift you freehand up, this will cause the yo-yo to swing up, over, and off of your throwhand index finger.
  8. Lift your throwhand up above your freehand.
  9. Catch the yo-yo.