Mach 5

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Split Bottom Mount.
  2. Leaving your throwhand index finger stationary, bring your freehand index finger forward, down beneath your throwhand index finger, back towards your body and just above your throwhand index finger.
  3. Pull your index fingers apart from eachother, the wrap you did in step two will cause the yo-yo to be suspended between your two index fingers.
  4. Rotate your hands around the suspended yo-yo, the hand on top going forward away from your body and down, the hand on bottom coming back towards your body and up.
  5. After you perform five of these rotations stop with your throwhand closest to your body, bring your hands together slightly, allowing the yo-yo to rest in the wrap you made for the Mach 5.
  6. Pull your throwhand index finger away from your freehand, leaving you with a bottom mount.
  7. Dismount and Catch.