Double or Nothing

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a breakaway.
  2. As the yo-yo travels towards your freehand, extend your freehand index finger.
  3. Allow the string to intersect with your index finger as if you were going to perform a Trapeze.
  4. Instead of landing a trapeze allow the yo-yo to continue its motion back towards your throwhand.
  5. Extend your throwhand index finger, allow the yo-yo to travel above it, the string will land on your throwhand index finger.
  6. The yo-yo will travel down under your throwhand and then continue to back towards your freehand.
  7. Let the yo-yo wrap around your freehand index finger again, this time land it on the front most string (the one furthest way from your body, it will like like a miniature trapeze).
  8. This is the Double or Nothing.
  9. To dismount pull your throwhand index finger out of the string currently looped around it. This will drop the yo-yo down in its remaining loop around your freehand index finger.
  10. Bring your throwhand towards your body slightly, swing the yo-yo towards your freehand, allow it to travel up, between your hands, over your freehand. This will leave you with a trapeze.
  11. From here you can dismount the Trapeze and catch the yo-yo.