Brain Twister

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a sleeper.
  2. Put your freehand index finger behind the string hanging down from your throwhand.
  3. Leaving your freehand stationary bring your throwhand down behind it, allowing the string to hinge over your freehand index finger.
  4. Put the string into the gap of the yo-yo like you would in Elevator, only this time put the yo-yo right in the middle of the string you have put into the gap.
  5. Still keeping your freehand stationary, bring your throwhand forward and up, extend your throwhand index finger and allow it to touch the strings above the sleeping yo-yo.
  6. This time leave your throwhand stationary, and pull your freehand forward, down, towards your body, and then back up. The yo-yo will follow it up, over and around your throwhand.
  7. This is the Brain Twister.
  8. To dismount bring your throwhand forward, away from the string, down underneath the yo-yo, back towards your body, and then up and over your freehand.
  9. This will leave you with a sleeper, at this point you can catch the yo-yo.