How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Bottom Mount.
  2. Lift your throwhand up to dismount the bottom mount, as the yo-yo comes off of your index finger and swings forward put your thumb in front of the string and allow the yo-yo to mount up onto the front of the string creating a reverse bottom mount.
  3. Bring your freehand up, behind your throwhand, and bring your throwhand down beneath your freehand.
  4. As your freehand reaches the height of your eyes stop moving it; pull down with your throwhand causing the yo-yo to dismount from the ‘bottom mount’ it was it. Allow the yo-yo to swing over the top of your freehand.
  5. As the yo-yo swings off of your freehand thumb, put your freehand index finger in front of the string, landing it in what should resemble the Elevator trick.
  6. Bring your freehand down behind your throwhand, bringing your throwhand up, leaving you in a bottom  mount.
  7. You may repeat steps 2 – 6 as many times as you want, the smoother you perform the mount transfers the cooler the trick will look.
  8. Dismount on step 6 and catch the yo-yo to complete the trick.