Skin the Gerbil

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Trapeze.
  2. Turn your throwhand in towards your body and press the back of your throwhand into the string hanging down from your freehand.
  3. Draw your freehand over your throwhand, causing the yo-yo to flip over your throwhand, coming back to a trapeze.
  4. Use the motion of the yo-yo and allow the yo-yo to swing back under your freehand index finger, up and over it and land it on the string, this create a double-on trapeze.
  5. Dismount the double-on trapeze.
  6. As the yo-yo comes back down to the trapeze bring your throwhand towards your freehand, just in front of it, and allow the yo-yo to swing up and over your freehand. Bringing your throwhand in front of your freehand keeps the yo-yo from falling off the trapeze.
  7. As the yo-yo swings around back down to the trapeze let it continue it’s swing towards your throwhand, underneath it, and up and over your throwhand index and middle finger. Let the yo-yo land on the string.
  8. Dismount back down to a trapeze, allow the yo-yo to swing towards your freehand index finger up over it like you did before with the double-on trapeze, but this time let the yo-yo travel in front of the string so it doesn’t land on it, wrap around your freehand index finger once, and then land on the string.
  9. Dismount this all the way down to the trapeze, dismount the trapeze, and catch the yo-yo.