McBride Roller Coaster

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Sideways World Tour.
  2. As the yo-yo finishes the world tour allow it to continue traveling up, as if from a Breakaway, and perform a One and a Half Mount.
  3. Dismount the One and a Half Mount, the yo-yo will swing down away from your throwhand, over it and back towards your freehand.
  4. Curl the index finger of your freehand around the string it was holding for the One and a Half Mount.
  5. Allow the yo-yo to travel over your freehand and use it’s motion to land a Trapeze and his Brother.
  6. Dismount the Trapeze and his Brother, use the motion of the yo-yo to perform a Double or Nothing.
  7. Drop your throwhand index finger out of the Double or Nothing. This will leave the yo-yo in a loop hanging from your freehand index finger.
  8. Dismount this loop back to a Trapeze by swinging it towards your throwhand, up over and back beneath your freehand.
  9. Bring your hands together, put the index finger of your throwhand into the loop of the Trapeze next to the index finger of your freehand.
  10. Swing the yo-yo towards your freehand. Allow it to travel up, and around your hands one time.
  11. As the yo-yo completes the first swing and move to do a second you will part your hands (still in the loop) and as the yo-yo passes over your freehand index finger you will land the yo-yo on the front string (furthest from your body). This is a Triple or Nothing.
  12. Drop your throwhand index finger out of the Triple or Nothing, leaving a loop double wrapped around your freehand index finger like before. Unwrap the loop back down to a Trapeze, dismount and catch.