Cold Fusion

How to do the Trick

  1. Throw a Double or Nothing.
  2. Swing the yo-yo towards your throwhand into the string wrapped around your throwhand index finger.
  3. Swing the yo-yo back towards your freehand into the front string on your freehand index finger.
  4. Drop your freehand index finger out of the loop you just made, this will leave you with a 1.5 Mount.
  5. Swing the yo-yo out and up, over the top of your throwhand index finger, allow it to travel all the way over your freehand index finger.
  6. Swing the yo-yo out and up, back over your freehand index finger, towards your throwhand index finger.
  7. As the yo-yo comes back to your throwhand index finger continue it’s motion and allow it to wrap around your throwhand index finger once.
  8. Unwrap this loop back down to the 1.5 Mount, dismount the 1.5 Mount and allow the yo-yo to land back on the string, leaving you with a trapeze.
  9. Dismount the trapeze and catch the yo-yo.