String Length

String length is very important; if a string is too short you won’t be able to put an adequate amount of energy into your throw and your yo-yo won’t spin as fast or as long, making it difficult to learn tricks as their complexity increases. If the string is too long you won’t be able to focus the time your yo-yo is spinning on learning tricks. You will instead be focusing on trying not to smack the yo-yo on the floor. That’s why you have to adjust the length of your string. The proper way to do this is to unroll the yo-yo all the way and let it rest on the floor in front of you. Hold the string straight up from the yo-yo (you don’t want any slack in the string) and fold it over right in front of where your bellybutton is. Tie a slip knot into the string like you learned earlier and cut off the original loop and excess string with scissors.