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Learn to Throw

The Kwijibo – LTT Episode #10

Hey guys! In this episode I show you how to do the Eiffel Tower, the Mach 5, and Kwijibo. The Question of the Week: What’d

Learn to Throw

The Boingy Boingy – LTT Episode #9

In this episode of Learn to Throw I show you how to do around the world, split the atom, and the boingy-boingy trick. The Questions

Learn to Throw

Pop ‘n Fresh LTT Episode #8

This week I talk about the Breakaway, the Double or Nothing, and Pop ‘n Fresh. QOTW: Out of your collection, what’s your favorite yo?

Learn to Throw

Eli Hops – LTT Episode #7

In this episode I taught Rock the Baby, Brain Twister, and Eli Hops. The question of the week is what tricks have you been working

Learn to Throw

The Atomic Bomb – LTT Episode #6

Michael talks about Around the Corner, the Bottom Mount, and the Atomic Bomb. The question of the week; who is your favorite yo-yoer?

Learn to Throw

The Zipper – LTT Episode #5

Michael teaches the Elevator, Dizzy Baby, and the Zipper. QOTW: What’s your favorite yo-yo forum and why?

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