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If you already know how to hold and throw a yo-yo, and how to adjust the string for a more comfortable throwing experience, but you haven’t learned some of the foundational tricks of the hobby yet, like walk the dog, rock the baby, etc, then consider working through the Easy Yo-Yo Tricks section below.


Rock the Baby Yo-Yo Trick

About the Trick Rock the Baby is one of the classic yo-yo tricks that have made it through the ages. It’s one of the top


How to do the Elevator Yo-Yo Trick

About the Trick This trick is called the Elevator because of how it looks while it travels up and down the string. It will help


Walk the Dog Yo-Yo Trick

About the Trick Walk the Dog is a very good trick to teach you how to control a sleeping yo-yo. It’s also one of the


How to do Forward Pass with a Yo-Yo

About the Trick The forward pass is a good and essential trick to learn to help you learn how to control the angle of the


The Sleeper Yo-Yo Trick

About the Trick This trick builds right off of the Throwdown and will be one of the most important ones for you to master. Throwing

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