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If you are so new that you need to learn about the correct way to put a yo-yo on your hand (there is a correct way) then check out the yo-yo basics section below:


2022-03-18: Yo-Yo Maintenance

It is good practice to keep your yo-yo in top working order. Not doing so may result in damage to the yo-yo, yourself, your property,


2022-03-18: String Length

String length is very important; if a string is too short you won’t be able to put an adequate amount of energy into your throw


2022-03-18: Yo-Yo Safety

When it comes to using yo-yos, safety is an important consideration for both yourself and those around you. Here are a few things to keep


2022-03-18: What is a Yo-Yo

A yo-yo is a classic toy that consists of two symmetrical sides, called hubs, and an axle that connects them. The yo-yo string, which has

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