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I have been recording tutorials and guides on how to yo-yo since about 2007 and am doing my best to organize them and improve them here. Browse the sections below to see tutorial videos on everything from the basics of yo-yoing and fundamental yo-yo tricks to complex trick combinations made up by myself and other yo-yoers.


2023-03-02: Intro to yo-yoing – 001

This video course will teach you the basics of yo-yoing. From finding one to learn on, to how to put it on your hand, wind


2022-10-10: How to do that whip thing

On instagram I was recently asked to teach how to do a whip yo-yo trick I’ve done from time to time. Here’s an attempt at


2022-03-18: Yo-Yo Maintenance

It is good practice to keep your yo-yo in top working order. Not doing so may result in damage to the yo-yo, yourself, your property,

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