Unboxing and testing a golden yo-yo

In this video MikeMonty unboxes and tries out a Memento yo-yo that was gilded and sent back to him. Thank you to Pascale for setting this up and Rosie for gilding the yo-yo! ❤️

Memento reviews

Hey everyone, I should have been sharing these review as they were coming out but it slipped my mind. The Memento has been around for about four months at this point and it has been receiving some really awesome reviews. It’s very exciting to me that people are enjoying something I’ve played a role in creating. If you make a review of the Memento and would like to see it added to this post, please send it to me via the contact form.

The Definitive Yoyo

Mike from The Definitive Yoyo’s review of the Memento.


T from TokYo-Yo’s review of the Memento.


JustYoYoReviews’ review if the Memento.

Throwing Sideways

William from Throwing Sideways reviews the Memento.

Indian Yoyoer

Archit who goes by Indian Yoyoer online reviews their Memento.

MagicYoYo K1

I saw MagicYoYo had a budget plastic yo-yo with some hubstacks on it and wanted to give it a try. I ordered in the K1 in a transparent blue. It came with a thin bearing, making it a responsive yo-yo. It does have a bit of vibe to it but as it’s a beginner yo-yo that’s not terribly important or a huge detractor. The hubstacks are fun, but with the responsive design they’re a little scary to use unless you’re just doing pull starts over and over again. Overall I’d say if you’re just beginning, give it a try, and if you’ve been yo-yoing for a while now, maybe consider something like the N11 or T9.

MagicYoYo K1
MagicYoYo K1 Yo-Yo and Accessories

Unboxing the Chris Deemie / 3D printed counterweights

Earlier this month I picked up the 3D printed Counterweights that Chris Deemie designed and Steve Brown sold on I picked up the plain barrel, the bearing “patent ending” barrel, and the special locking bobber Counterweights. They’re all very cool, I personally use the bobber the most but fidget spin with the counterweight one even more. ????