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The Top 5 Yo-Yo Blogs

This post is long overdue, I’ve been wanting to help narrow down what I feel are some of the best of the best resources for yo-yo information. Whether you’re new and have just started learning how to yo-yo or your a veteran thrower looking to catch up on what’s new in the community, these sites will give you quick information about what is going on and what is to come.

And as always, I’d love to know what you think, did I miss someone important? Who would you have picked and why?

(Note: I picked the following blogs due to their noncommercial nature, I may do a post about stores later on)

The Glass Lab

Founder: Brian Cabildo | Twitter: (none found)

The glass lab is one of the oldest running yo-yo blogs out there, they have consistently provided value to our community with trick tutorials and event coverage. It’s one of my favorite sites out there because when I got started throwing, reading about the events made it feel as if I had actually been there.


Founder: Paul Han | Twitter: @hoyitspaul

BombSquad is one of my top five yo-yo blogs because it’s an example of what a yo-yoer can do to get their name out there if they simply apply them self consistently. Paul Han has done a great job keeping his blog  updated. He is basically a filter that cuts out all the bull and leaves only awesomeness (just take a look, there are new product pictures, contests, a yo-yoer of the week, and more).


Founder: Elliot Jackson | Twitter: @Helliot

YoYoForesight is a cool little microniche blog focusing solely on “up and coming yoyo players”. There is a new video on the site almost daily showcasing someone that Elliot at YoYoForesight believes is on a path to be a great yo-yo player. It’s a great way to get right to the good stuff instead of wading through the bulk of pointless videos on youtube and vimeo.

Sector Y v2.0

Founder: Gabriel Lozano| Twitter: @Citadel712

Sector Y is another one of those original yo-yo websites. Back when I started yo-yoing it was one of the only sources on the internet (aside from theGlassLab) that had a large selection of tricks to choose from to learn. These were the days before youtube where you had to wait a long time to download your trick video first. Gabe put a load of time into this website over the years. It has transitioned recently into a blog format and they have regular updates now with the help of various (big name it seems) yo-yoers.


Founder: Chris Allen | Twitter: @DrYoYo

YoYoSkills is THE resource to go to for up to date yo-yo community information. Whenever I don’t have time to sift through the forums I jump over to Chris’ site and usually find out what was important today in just a few minutes. I love the format of the blog, I enjoy that you can comment on the posts and have a conversation. Make sure you check this on out, there’s really never a dull moment on

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