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Corbin Higley – The One Year Project

Corbin Higley
From Corbin's Facebook

I met Corbin through Facebook. He’s one of the cool yo-yo dudes who is trying to become a great yo-yoer and has a really interesting method though which he’s trying to achieve this. Rather than try and guess what this is all about I went straight to the source and asked him about his project:

Mike: So before we get to the project, would you mind telling us who is Corbin Higley? How old are you, what do you do, what got you into yo-yo’s, etc.?

Corbin: Well, to put things simply, I’m just a 16 year old kid with an interest in film and yoyos… I guess I started yoyoing a little over 3 years ago, when I got a cheap bookstore yoyo for christmas…I’ve pretty much been yoyoing since. When I’m not yoyoing, or making yoyo videos, I’m probably doing school.

Mike: What is the one year project about? Why did you start it?

Corbin: My One Year Project is an idea I had, where at the end of every month, I’ll make a yoyo video showcasing what tricks I’ve come up with during the month, but also portray the basic feel of how I felt by the end of that month. Does that make sense? I guess I started it because I wanted to get better in both film AND yoyoing…so I decided to make videos on a constant basis, sort of as practice, but also so I could go back later on and watch the videos, and see how I’ve grown from them.

Mike: We’re three months into the year now, how do you feel about the project so far?

Corbin: I feel pretty good about the project so far. I already feel like I’ve been growing from it, and I think it’ll be fantastic when the whole thing is completed.

Mike: December rolls around, the last video comes out, what will be different?

Corbin: Well, I think I’ll be a way better yoyoer than I was in January, and I think that I’ll have a good set of 12 good to great yoyo videos!

Mike: Are you working on any other yo-yo projects? What will you do once this is over?

Corbin: I AM working on another yoyo project, actually…though I don’t think I’m gonna say anything about it yet, I’m excited for it. I don’t know how people will perceive it, and i don’t know if everybody will like it, but it’s something that I don’t think has been attempted in the yoyo community yet.

Mike: Anything you’d like to add? Thanks for your time, Corbin!

Corbin: Yeah, I’d like to say that my camcorder is screwy at the moment, so if any video is later than I said they’d be, I apologize. Other than that, though, I think that’s everything! Thank YOU Michael. :]

The One Year Project:



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