Trick Challenge: MizzyDotion

Hello everyone, hope you’re safe and well! I am hosting a Trick Challenge to help entice people to try learning my trick, MizzyDotion, which I just posted a new tutorial of up in the knowledgebase, which you can find here. If you can learn and land the trick on video before the challenge deadline, you’ll be entered to win an a-grade Memento, color of your choice, from the stock we have available on the site the day the winner is picked.

How to enter the challenge

  1. Learn MizzyDotion.
  2. Sign-in to or register for your MikeMonty Yo-Yo Club account.
  3. Post a link to a video of you landing MizzyDotion in the activity feed.


The deadline to enter the Trick Challenge is Friday, December 11th, 2020 at 8p.m. mountain time.


The winner of the Memento will be picked using a random number generator in tandem with a spreadsheet containing all the entrants, and the winner will be picked during a YouTube live stream shortly after the deadline is passed. The link to MikeMonty’s live stream page is:

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I am Michael from Germany. I started YoYoing a few month ago and I also designed my first own Yoyo.
I love the challenge and I try to learn it. Unfortunately I changed two parts of the trick (Sorry for that), because to master it 😄

Here is my video:
Hi @peepso_user_155(mick_ewe) ! Thanks for joining and entering 🙂 looks pretty good, once you get those slack parts down I think you're really going to enjoy executing the trick 😊