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In the words of TechN9ne…

I’m surely a slacker! I’ve essentially disappeared from this blog for the past month. Don’t get me wrong, I do love you, I just have to make money and keep my other projects alive! Haha, all jokes aside I’ve been a busy little boy, or so I say.

I’ve held two contests for DTI in the past month, one was a yo-yo video contest where I had the entrants put the DTI company logo at the beginning of the video and the website address at the end, doing cool tricks throughout the video to win a free shirt if I picked theirs as the best. I had three entrants for the contest and picked the winner earlier this morning, so see that stuff check out

The other contest was for how many fans Double-Take Industries has on facebook, for each level of fans I reach I decided to give away a certain quantity of t-shirts, the ultimate underlying idea being that if I have more fans I’ll have more shirt sales thus more shirts to give away to give back to the fans that keep my company alive. As of this post I had 168 fans for DTI, just need a little under a hundred more fans to giveaway two more shirts at the 250 mark. If you aren’t already a fan of DTI on facebook you should be, I mean, who passes up the opportunity to win free stuff, especially edgy shirts? 🙂 To become a fan click on this convenient link: I was especially excited about this one because it had been a long while since I’d recorded a video for any of my projects so I recorded myself having the drawing which you’ll be able to see on the fan page.

That’s all I can think about right now, there has been a lot more but I’m trying to keep this short and sweet. Hope you’re all having a great summer!


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