Community Building

Spent today working on building the website which has been taking a bunch of my time. I finished picking a font to use for the logo and have the forums set up. I’ll be adding a chat room soon as well once I find a good one I can embed into the website. I’m considering adding an ecommerce package to TwinePitched in order to fund the project; however I’m worried about it drawing a negative backlash from other stores and their communities.

I know I need a method to raise funds to make the quarterly magazines which will ultimately produce. I’m definitely going to be seeking advertisers for the website and the magazine and will be most likely selling subscriptions to the magazine with the ‘pay up front’ incentives to help bring in enough money to print out a run between 250 and 500; depending on the amount of people subscribed, I’ll make 30%-50% more magazines to sell during the quarter leading up to the publication of the next magazine.

That’s what I’ve got so far for today’s daily post. I’m going to try and get a few hours of sleep under my belt; I’m going to the Gem County Economic Development Association meeting today (Thursday) from 8am to 10am to find out more about local projects and get input on a few of my own.

Take care friends and if you have any thoughts on the magazine/community site this post was about please leave them as comments, I could use any suggestions you have to give! 😀

P.S., Though it’s small today, the first day I promoted the site to anyone we had two people register for the forums. I’d like to have between 35-50 by the end of the month with a 30% increase on the end of the month total each month until we reach about 500 members.

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