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Walnut Cambium’s Sold Out

I may have stacked the deck in my favor to sell out the first run by only making two, but we did it! 😉 The two walnut Cambium’s have been claimed and now I have to stop making excuses and go make some more yo-yo’s.

I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who has been giving the Cambium (and occasional one offs) a shot these past few months. It has been cool to start seeing my work show up in your pictures and videos. If you do buy, win, or otherwise obtain some of my work please feel free to tag me @mikemonty. It’s cool to see how far away it’s ended up. I would like to start pinning out a world map with the places they have been.

For anyone interested I will be making five more of these in the next run. If you want to pre-order yours you may by visiting the Walnut Cambium page in the shop, assuming they don’t all get pre-ordered the remaining will be up in the shop when they’re ready.



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