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Restoration of old website posts

I’ve begun what will most likely be a pointless task, the restoration of my old posts. I’ve downloaded a program call XAMPP so that I can attempt to restore a backup of my website I lost seven years ago to it locally, and then export all the posts from it to this live site. I’m just taking it one little thing at a time for now. Right now I’m waiting for XAMPP to install, it’s quite large and my laptop is rather old. Well it’s maybe four years old but I was poor when I bought it so it was already fighting with one arm tied behind its back.

In addition to doing this pointless task I am waiting for my kids to wake up. They went down for their nap three hours ago but didn’t actually sleep until the last hour. So I’ve opened their door but didn’t actually wake them up. I am kind of hoping this loud keyboard will wake them up.

The installation has completed. I need to follow a tutorial to make sure I don’t screw up the setup steps… ( )

It’s not going so well.

It’s been 40 minutes or so. Weston has woken up, I’ve got him situated and entertained. Willow is still asleep but the door is open and there is a kids show playing in the other room so I’m hopefully it’ll coax her awake peacefully.

The website backup/restore system I used back then no longer works. So I need to figure out how to restore the website manually… Which I believe means I need to install a blank wordpress first and then move my files over the top and import my database over the top… Blah…

It’s making me download and install something called Bitnami now. It is kind of like those ‘website in 5 minute intaller’ things you see on most webhosts these days.

My hope is once it’s installed I can overwrite it with the old files and then do all the other things.

Both of the kids are awake now.

They have a wooden train/car track in the living room that they’re playing with. Mostly racing cars and trains down a ramp.

Also it just started snowing.

Children are screaming over who gets what train now…

Oh it’s done installing wordpress. Sweet. I think. Now that hard part begins.

I couldn’t get it to work… Uninstalling and reinstalling the app and going to try just importing the wp-content folder and the comments/posts/pages…



Okay it’s 11:57pm. I’ve successfully imported all of my posts from the backup to the local website thing. Then I exported then and added them to this website. But all of the images are linked incorrectly, so I will need to fix those. I still have a lot of missing posts from 2012 to 2017 that I believe I have backups of.

Honestly I’m not sure any of this adds anything or helps anyone…

It just feels like it needs to be done.

I’ll finish it later, time to get some sleep!


4 thoughts on “Restoration of old website posts

  1. Sounds almost like keeping a digital diary, especially getting those old posts back. Being from a different era, not sure how I would feel about keeping my past so “current”. I never kept a diary myself…….

    1. I’ve tried to keep diaries and was never successful in keeping the writing in one place. But I have diary-like entries hand written and typed all over. I guess mainly I’m trying to consolidate my past so I can make a few decisions on moving forward. If that makes any sense at all 🙂

  2. I was never much good at writing, mostly have it all in my head. Could be good, could be bad, not sure. In my youth, diaries were the only way to keep memories, and usually only for the girls. Boys didn’t worry about such things ……!

    1. True, boys had journals 🙂

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