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Posted a really hard trick, seems like people are liking it

I started working on this trick just shy of a month ago. I had been looking through some old videos and saw this wrap/unwrap thing I once used to tinker with but never really took anywhere and decided to spend some time on it. After finally finding an interesting and techy way into the mount I quickly came to see that the exit from that mount perfectly set up a move for landing a gunslinger hook I had recently learned, and so I added that in there. Immediately after that I was left in another mount that perfectly fit a different element I started working with in 2017. Basically this is a conglomeration of a bunch of abandoned tricks that all lead up to a flashy slap bind behind my arm.

Exploring and attempting to improve my consistency at strange mounts that I don’t see the majority of my peers performing has always been somewhat important to me over the years. I thought I should take advantage of the obscure and diverse inputs to create and interesting and uncommon trick. Hopefully I’ve accomplished that! šŸ™‚

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