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One month in

Hey everyone, thought I’d write an update since I’m horrible at keeping my website up to date. 🙂

So the first month of self employment is coming to a close. It hasn’t gone according to plan, but somehow it’s still okay. I have made and sold several yo-yo’s and listed and sold enough items on eBay to comfortably replace the income from the job I left at the beginning of the month.

When I left my job I had imagined spending long days out in the shop listing items on eBay and making yo-yo’s on the lathe to sell. And while those two things have been largely my focus for the last month, there was roommate drama at the kid’s mom’s and they’ve been with me since the start of the month. I have been focusing on them. Don’t get me wrong I was still able to get out to the shop and do some yo-yo work, but mostly I’ve been posting things on eBay between cups of apple juice, blowing bubbles outside, or during naptime.

This has also allowed me time to start organizing my life a little. I’ve been going through boxes of stuff stored in the shop from the divorce and selling and donating it. I’ve been going through digital files (pictures, videos, documents, websites, etc) since 2002 and organizing them chronologically. I intent to incorporate as much of the past as I can into future projects.

I have also moved the backdrop from the shop back into my room, where it started back at the beginning of the year. Because it’s easier on me mentally to film in the house near the kids than out in the shop. I need to buy a nanny cam so I can keep an eye on them during naptime while working in the shop.

I haven’t had any organization or structure for a long time. I’ve had it from jobs, sure, and when in that environment I typically functioned effectively, except for the soul crushing reality of “I’m investing my time (which I cannot get back) into something I don’t care about.” so I’ve avoided it.

Long story short I’m derailed this month, I’ve made it through without too many scratches, and I’m trying to figure out how to add some more order to my life.

Hope y’all are doing well,


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