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Live stream highlight reels

Hey guys, hope you’ve been well, it’s been a few days over a month since my last post so I wanted to give you an update since the last time I bothered you. This time around the main highlight is this… highlight reel from several live streams I did earlier this week. I’m still figuring out my formula for all of this but basically what I have been doing is going live on instagram, facebook, youtube, and twitch when i’m feeling like yo-yoing and I practice elements, tricks, and combos I’ve been working on lately live.

It’s a fun process and helps me not feel insanely alone (I work from home) when that is getting to me. I’ve also started setting up a second camera with a higher frame rate so that I can create these reels. Anyways, here’s my first one. Up until now I had been just posting individual tricks I liked but I had enough in this one to make something longer.

I hope you enjoy it!

Catch ya next time!


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