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It’s windy out

It’s definitely fall. The trees are all changing colors and the horrid cold wind has begun to blow through the hills around our house. There’s a repetitive metallic tink tink tink of a windmill blowing around. This almost river through the pine trees while you’re camping sound takes over, and then silence. Just as quickly as the powerful gusts come they go again, off to spin a windmill elsewhere I guess. Meanwhile I’m sitting here trying to decide what to focus on.

I have a video project that has to be uploaded and live at midnight. As far as I’m concerned it’s done but I still have to get an ‘okay’ on it before I schedule it.

I have art to draw for the final video in the project, which I have been struggling with.

I have a Cambium (yo-yo) to woodburn flames onto for the lucky Instagram winner.

I have several hundred items I can and should be listing on eBay, Facebook Market Place, and Craigslist.

I also can’t seem to get this idea out of my head that I should be spending some of my time each day writing (hence what I’m doing now) ideally on a book idea. I want to write a story. I have a few concepts I’ve been kicking around for a few years on a Wattpad account. I’m not too pleased with them, I honestly have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to writing a story and I’m sure it shows. But I just want to do it. I’ve always felt like I should be writing.

The wind is back again. Now I can hear it whistling down the chimney. They’re going to be playing Christmas music again soon…

2 thoughts on “It’s windy out

  1. Ugh – Xmas music and not even Halloween yet! People should be burned at the stake! I know I have kids, but this time of year doesn’t bring out my best side. I try to cope and put on my happy face, deep down I’m just not very merry.Wayne

    1. I understand. I have worked in retail and customer service position too many years of my short life during Christmas time. It has lost its magic completely and the music is just a reminder that it’s that time of the year for businesses to try and manipulate money out of wallets in the name of holiday spirit.

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